Intro To CheckDrive

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself– I am Eric Hill, Founder of CheckDrive. I started this company to help people get the most value out of their current vehicle and to protect them when buying their next car.

I’ve always been one who wants a good deal and part of getting that good deal means putting the work in. Whether that is posting my current car online, dealing with all the tire kickers and pains associated with a sale, or dealing with all the hoops to jump through when buying a car from another person.

This is our ultimate challenge, how do we create a tool that makes selling a vehicle in the private market as easy if not easier than trading your car into a dealership. We want to put resources in your hands to sell like a dealer. We also want to create a buying process that is as easy as sitting in a dealership for 4 hours without sitting in a dealership for 4 hours.

We are asking for your help on this journey. If we are missing something, if we have too much of something, we want to know. We want to create a place where people can get answers to their car questions, where you can receive help selecting the right car, and we want you to tell the world about a car that meant so much to you. This is not just a place for car people, it’s a place for memories that involve a car.

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