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follow our “Guide To Selling your Car.” For a transparent and enjoyable experience

CheckDrv has created a guide to selling your car to help people who are interested in selling their own car on the open market. Selling your car in the open market can put more money in your pocket, give you confidence in buying a new car, and put control back in your hands. We have compiled the 3 main points you want to focus on if you are ready to sell!


For sale sign on the front of a car

The goal is simple, make your listing stand out with clear pictures and concise information regarding the vehicle you are selling. 

This results in getting more “At Bats” with qualified buyers.

Best Practice(s):

Put your best foot forward:  

The first picture is the most important, many buyers never click a listing for a good car with a bad picture.

What is a great first image? It starts with having your vehicle as clean as possible, at a minimum a good clean up in and out, and removing ALL personal items. Find an area with good daylight and a plain background and use a photo shot from the front driver’s corner of the vehicle that includes the entire front, and driver’s side and spans from the ground just below the tires to the sky just above the roof. 

Utilizing a plain background such as a park, the edge of a mall parking lot, a generic building, etc. will keep the focus on the vehicle instead of the surroundings. *Try and avoid pictures in your garage, neighborhood, businesses with signage visible, or people, pets, or random items in the background*

How many images?

As many as it takes to accurately represent your vehicle. 

For exterior images, take pictures from all 4 corners, each side, the front and rear, and under the hood. For Interior images, take a picture with each door open that includes the seating area, carpet, and area in front of that seat, an image with the trunk or hatch open, and most importantly a picture of all the important features, including owners books, keys, and service records (without revealing owner information).

Videos are also very effective and can encompass both condition and operation of features as well as sharing on multiple social media platforms and text and email.

Listing Content.

Start with a description that best describes the vehicle including trim levels, most important features, and attributes.

Here are 2 Examples:

Toyota 4Runner

2015 Toyota 4Runner – Limited 4WD

Which one are you most likely to click on first?

After a Descriptive Description, bullet point the most important attributes and features.

  • Purchased New Locally
  • Power Sunroof
  • Navigation System
  • Leather Seating
  • Power Seats, Windows, & Locks
  • Service Records 
  • Accident-Free Ownership
  • Clean Interior and Exterior

As important as the listing is to include how to be contacted. 

Some listing marketplaces have their own services that will forward you inquiries. It is best to include the most effective but least intrusive way for prospective buyers to make initial contact.


CheckDrv Application, which will offer features for sellers/buyers to communicate

Now that the best and easiest way to conveniently respond to inquiries and questions has been established, it is important to respond promptly. With our applications functions, you can tailor an auto-response that indicates when you will return messages. Inconvenience is one of the biggest reasons many people sell their car for less to dealers and communication is one of the biggest reasons qualified buyers don’t buy from preferrable private sellers.

Making this step safe and easy is key to a quick and painless transaction.

Best Practice(s):

The goal of communication is to remain safe and to create an easy stress-free effective line of communication between the seller and prospective buyers. Having the ability to respond promptly to inquiries is effective in establishing dialogue which is critical to concise communication.

Using email and other Direct Message platforms initially to establish your identity, intentions, and seriousness of prospects BEFORE your personal information such as location and phone numbers are shared is highly recommended. Once identity and dependable communication is established, meetings in a public space such as a vehicle service center to have a PPI performed, a bank lobby to complete a financial transaction, or the DMV office to complete a title transfer are helpful ways to prevent fraud. 

Once a price has been agreed upon, the finalization of the transaction is the next step!


Exchanging of keys as a final step in the selling of a car

After a great presentation and clear communication with the eventual qualified buyer, now it is time for money and vehicle to change hands. 

With CheckDrv, this step is made routine with proven best practices and invaluable links to resources to finance, insure, ship, and transfer ownership. 

After Selling :

Great Job! You sold your car, and it’s on to new memories.

There are a few questions to think about right now: 

  • Do you still need to pay off the loan? If not, do you have the title? 
  • How do you sign the title? 
  • Do you need a bill of sale? 
  • Do you know how the money/title exchange is going to roll out? 
  • Are they out of State? 
  • Have you placed insurance on your new vehicle?
  • Will you pick up the vehicle or ship it via vehicle transport

Best Practice(s):

Our Step by Step guide will take you through the steps of varying scenarios to communicate the title from one person to the next.

Here are a few quick pointers:

  • Verify that the identity of the seller matches the Title and registration. 
  • If the title is in 2 names, it is possible both parties MUST sign.
  • Verify that there is or is not a lien listed on the title, the DMV can also verify.
  • *If there is a lien, the payoff amount should be verified with the financial institution. ( Also, where possible completing the transaction at a branch of the institution holding the lien can help prevent issues down the road. )
  • If the vehicle has been leased, special precautions must be taken as in some cases the lessee must pay sales tax and register in their name before they are authorized to sell the vehicle. 
  • *Please consult our state-specific guide for lease buyouts.
  • Contact your insurance agent to get coverage on your new vehicle or obtain coverage from one of our partner insurance companies before taking possession or shipping.
  • The buyer should handle any shipping arrangements.

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