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  • Vehicle History Reports

    There is one thing that is always at the top of people’s minds when they go to buy a used car. What has the certain vehicle been through in its life? The best way to find this out is to look at its history report.  Why is this important? Well, first it can tell prospective…

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  • History of Electric Vehicles

    The history of the electric car dates back nearly 200 years, which may be a surprise to some. Certainly, the first model electric cars were far more primitive than their current fully electric passenger car counterparts today, but the last few decades have greatly expanded the capabilities and demand for electric vehicles. The first model…

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  • First Car Stories: Murphy

    I didn’t buy my first car until I was 25. I was able to use one of my parents’ old cars throughout college (they usually came to me as they were falling apart and I attempted to extend their life as long as I could before they’d collapse) and I lived in cities with good…

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  • First Car Stories: Zoom Zoom

    Having older siblings, I missed the excitement of having a “new” car when I turned sixteen. Instead, I got to join the rotation of sharing the car once I was able to drive on my own. Although I didn’t get to experience the freshness of a car that was new to the family, I appreciated…

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