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  • First Car Stories: Dynamo

    There are a number of vehicles that stand out in their time and last in the minds of car enthusiasts long after for a number of reasons. The Ford Pinto and its fuel tank placed in the back of the car, resulting in several deadly fires after rear-end collisions. The Chevrolet Nova and its struggles…

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  • First Car Stories: John’s First Car

    Everyone remembers their first car and the stories of freedom it created. When you grow up the son of an Automobile dealer, the excitement is magnified due to all the neat cars coming and going, always wondering, “Is this the one?” Each time a cool car would come into the dealership you would hover around it hoping to hear…

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  • CheckDrive Inspiration Story

    In October of 2018, I was in a fender bender, yielding my 2008 VW Jetta “Totaled.” I had been living in Colorado for just over a year and needed to find a new vehicle. In Denver, the mountains are an hour away, and snow threatens half the year. The vehicle choice became obvious to me:…

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  • Intro To CheckDrive

    Hello! Allow me to introduce myself– I am Eric Hill, Founder of CheckDrive. I started this company to help people get the most value out of their current vehicle and to protect them when buying their next car. I’ve always been one who wants a good deal and part of getting that good deal means…

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