Sell Like A Dealer. Buy With The Resources Of One.

CheckDrv’s Commitment

CheckDrv is committed to gaining your Trust, helping you Understand the used car market, and saving you Time when selling a vehicle.

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WHY SELL a car yourself?

Selling your car can have advantages and disadvantages. CheckDrv removes the disadvantages by giving buyers and sellers the tools to have a truly transparent sale. We can open up where you are selling/buying by offering you the chance to check out. Sell with Confidence. Buy with Trust..

WHY BUY from an individual?

Are you sick of dealerships taking advantage of you on your trade-in, only to take advantage of you on buying your next vehicle? Yea, so were we. CheckDrv gives you dealership resources without stepping foot in that awful place. Buying in the peer-to-peer market gets you a better price, get more inventory to search, dance, shout, or whatever you do when you save money.